Our welding services are the highest quality, excellent elements and safety certainty for various industries. Welding is carried out based on the quality requirements of PN-EN 1090 for welding metal materials and in accordance with the quality management system in welding ISO 3834.


We offer arc welding with melted electrode in gas shield (MIG / MAG) and arc welding in the shield of inert gas (TIG) of black steel and stainless steel.

We prefabricate the constructions on our own production hall, which we supply as raw, galvanized or protected by a paint coating. With the participation of subcontractors, we perform hot dip galvanizing, galvanizing and spraying.

We offer services related to the production of highly processed steel structures for all types of machinery and equipment. We specialize in precision products with the smallest possible tolerances.

We offer tanks and housings for the machinery sector. We deliver products sanded and cleaned with optional surface protection by galvanizing or painting.

We custom-made steel trusses, welded from metal sheets and profiles, hot and cold rolled for construction and industrial purposes.


ESAB Origo ™ Mig C340 PRO 4WD:

Welding current: up to 340A

ESAB Origo ™ Mig 510w:

Welding current: up to 500A

ESAB Caddy® Mig C200i:

Welding current: up to 200A

ESAB Buddy ™ Tig 160:

Welding current: up to 160A