We make machines as well as prototype devices for various industries. We approach each issue individually. Our many years of experience allow us to create a reliable product that complies with the highest quality standards in force.


We offer construction of non-standard machines at the customer’s special order. Our services allow us to provide a non-standard product that fully satisfies the recipient’s expectations.

We specialize mainly in the construction of reliable, individual assembly stations, designed for diversified series production, which we adapt to each recipient’s requirements.

We have the ability to manufacture devices for optical, laser and mechanical-electrical measurements. There is an option to integrate with an existing machine or connection with another one we design.

We offer solutions for serial assembly to improve production efficiency and use the possibilities of controlling this process.

We construct and supply various types of assembly and technological templates supporting production processes.


Implementation begins with recognizing the needs of our client.

We present the concept of the solution, the preliminary design, based on which we optimize the given need.

We refine the design and then move on to comprehensive order processing through production, delivery, assembly and commissioning.

In addition, we guarantee the compliance of our products with legal regulations and carry out an assessment of the compliance of the product properties before placing it on the market. Making such an assessment allows it to be CE marked.