We offer 3D design services, we provide comprehensive documentation necessary for production, assembly, planning and service. We direct our offer to production companies with their own design offices as support in the implementation of larger projects and production companies that do not have their own design office.


We build devices that automate production processes. These are machines used for the automation of feeding and assembly, production equipment and others. We also implement robotic assembly stations.

We design conveyors, automating production processes, thanks to which we increase work efficiency and improve the efficiency of production plants and devices that supply and automate feeding processes that can function both as independent devices and as a component of the entire production.

We offer designs of automatic and semi-automatic assembly stations with process control and fully manual positions.

We specialize, among others, in the design of all types of grippers and robotic systems, electrically, pneumatically driven or in a mixed system (electric and pneumatic).

We also design complete production and technology lines, both multi-station assembly lines, as well as production lines, automatic assembly lines.


Designing in the company is carried out according to the latest standards and standards.

We carry out projects from the initial concept to the final solution corresponding to the client.

In the design process, we use modern tools for computer-aided CAD design.